As a student of Urban City Dance those that wish and show the desired work ethic will be pushed in the direction of becoming a part of the Division. Not only talent but dedication, hard work and 100% commitment and loyalty to the school will always give our Urban City Dance students the chance of becoming a Division member.

The Division are the brain child of Shaun Angel and Jo Ramachandran. After hand picking a group of dancers from Urban City Dance in 2017, taking them across country to support Britain's Got Talent winners and street dance super group Diversity, Shaun and Jo both decided to go the next step and put together their very own group of talented dancers. January 2018, The Division were born.

The Division are a touring collective of dancers hand picked from across the Urban City Dance company.
With ages ranging from 9yrs - 17yrs this group of individuals explode with energy and charisma when taking to the stage.
Street Dance Crew The Division from Crawley and East Grinstead

As an all round dance troupe The Division's style of movement ranges from hard hitting Hip Hop to soft flowing Lyrical, their fusion of commercial and technical dance keeps them at the forefront of their game making never a dull moment when performing to an audience. Concentrating solely on performing and entertaining audiences all over the UK, The Division's ethos is to spread a positive message, of self belief and to help all young dancers believe they can do anything they put their minds to.

Crawley Dance Crew get First Place at the South East Street Dance Championships
Crawley and East Grinstead Dance Crew
Urban City Dancers win comp at O2 London